The black heart procession

Black heart procession

Black heart procession originally formed in 1997 by Pall Jenkins ( Mr. Tube ) and Tobias both from Three Mile Pilot. There are also frequent members James LaValle and Matt Resovich the violinist. Notable inspirations includes Pall Jenkin mother Anna Zappoli who studied art in Italy and was an proficient painter and used to perfom live around in rock and roll shows around the town.

The black heart procession has toured the USA and Europe extensively doing several performances. Each of the Albums is considered a concept albums with a lyrical and musical theme. In most albums there is a major theme which is continued in the song “The Waiter”. This is composed of five parts spread out from the first album to the latest. Howevet this idea of conceptualizing atleast musically seems to have been abandoned in the album The Spell.

Black heart procession

Albums released

Head hunter Records released in 1998

Touch and Go Records released in 1999

3 Touch and Go Records released in 2000

Amore Del Tropico

The Spell


Blood bunny/Black Rabbit

Notable Inteviews: Pall in his Best batting gloves and beaded look.